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Alicante Estate Agents can help you finding the perfect home near the Mediterranean Sea, searching among thousands of apartments, houses and villas for sale in Costa Blanca.Alicante Estate Agents

Once upon a time, the only people who used buying agents were celebrities looking for millionaire houses.

Now, though, even we little people are paying as much as €1,000 upfront for someone to sniff out and secure us the house of our dreams. At which point we have to cough up another 2.5 per cent of the agreed purchase price

And with houses currently so scarce, some people are using buying agents to buy properties costing as little as €100,000. This means the agent walks away with a cheque for €1,000.

Is it worth it? Definitely, says mother of two teenagers Melanie, who used Inmobiliaria Alicante Estate Agents, a buying agency to find the perfect villa in he Costa Blanca South, exactly what she was looking for.

Her husband and Melanie knew exactly what the wanted, but could not spend their few days in Spain searching and visiting hundreds of properties for sale in Costa Blanca.

“After getting nowhere, we went to Inmobiliaria Alicante Estate Agents, who helped us buy a place we’d dismissed before because the photos on the particulars had been rather poor and it seemed too dark. Our agent pointed out how easy it would be to get more light or taking better photos, and the property was lighter when we visited it. Then negotiated us enough of a discount to pay her fees and more.”

A typical story, say buying agents from Inmobiliaria Alicante Estate Agents. Most people who come to us have been looking for at least two or three months. They’re tired of hearing about other people buying places which they’ve never even got to see.”

Indeed, the golden ticket that buying agents can offer is the one that allows clients in to view a house before it has appeared in the estate agent’s window. In May to December last year, more than 50 per cent of houses we acquired for clients never went fully onto the marketn. Other real estate agents in Alicante report similar levels of off-piste selling.

Alicante Estate AgentsAlicante Estate Agents: We know who’s out there, who’s made a bid, who hasn’t made a bid…We’re all totally embedded in the business.

Other agents talk of local knowledge, trade contacts, networks of past clients and even dinner-party and front-doorstep gossip. “I had one of my best tipoffs from the man who delivers my logs,” says one of the Costa Blanca south agents and specialist in searching and buying properties in this area.

And once you have been whisked through the front door with a metaphorical blanket over your head, the buying agents are keen to clinch you a deal. Though not, it should be said, at any price.

In Alicante and the Costa Blanca area we have access to a trade database. We can access any property’s history, from how much it has been sold for to what work it has had done on it, or how many days was the property for sale.

As well as researching the house, the buying agents investigate the area, to find out if a housing estate is liable to spring up on the back doorstep.

Naturally, all buying agencies claim they can save you from making many kind of mistake. So how do you choose the best real estate agents in Alicante or the Costa Blanca?

The must completelly act for the buyers, not representing the sellers at the same time. It may seem obvious, but is not the case in many operations in Spain. In Alicante Estate Agents there’s a very clear division. Independence is essential. It’s our unique selling point.

How to look for the best real estate agents in Alicante?


  • Ensure they have local knowledge.
  • Find an agent with whom you have a rapport.
  • Ask to speak to other satisfied clients.


  • Be impressed by smart offices.
  • Dawdle (the service stops after three to six months).
  • Forget you have to pay on purchase.


Tell us what you are looking for and Alicante Estate Agents will find the best options for you!

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